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Two Little Birds

2 May

Some more playhouse photos by Martin Gustavsson.


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Milan Furniture Fair 2014

21 Apr

We exhibited UN-DESIRABLES project at 2014 Milan Furniture Fair, from 7th till 13th of April. We were a part of SWEDISH PRESENCE exhibition in Brera district.

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(Un)desirables at Stockholm Furniture Fair

7 Feb

cubo stockholm

See more about the project  here.

Stockholm Furniture Fair Preparation

30 Jan

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Last minute preparations

19 Mar

I’m exhibiting Zoozle and Wine Cabinet at Milan Design Week next month, so I took a chance and reworked the door and shelves for wine cabinet. Siniša Gulić made some beautiful photographs, as usual.


Sawing the wood

3 Apr

Few days ago, Hrvoje brought oak beams reclaimed from a barn for rough sawing and planing. The beams will be reused as material for the exhibition that we’re preparing for this summer.

Tables for ‘Tramerka’

14 Feb

Six tables in reclaimed wood for fish restaurant ‘Tramerka’ in Volosko.

The Harbour bed completed

8 Dec

The room where this bed lies is overlooking the harbour in Rijeka, hence the rough wooden pilars reminiscent of old shipping docks. The wide platform around the matress serves as a shelf for a book, glasses or a cup of tea, and there’s a real bookshelf at the backside of the walnut headboard.

It sits amazingly well in a room which is not too spacious.


Work in progress: reclaimed wood bed

25 Nov

The fact that I didn’t update my blog for quite sime time doesn’t mean that I have been lying in bed doing nothing. It actually means two things:

1. I got myself into pieces that proved to be more complicated than I initially thought, so I spent zillion more hours than I planned;

2. Because I was so busy, I didn’t have time to make any decent photographs.

So, until I manage to make some nice photos, here’s a little preview of what I’ve been doing: reclaimed wood bed, done in oak with a nice walnut headboard. This particular walnut is a very rare variety that is grown locally, hence the light colour of the wood.  It is difficult to find and I only got a very small quantity, barely enough to make this headboard and to make perhaps a little jewellery box from what’s left. Oak comes from demolished wooden houses of Posavina region. Speaking of which – from 28.06.2012. till 09.07.2012. fellow woodworker Hrvoje Vulama and I will have an exhibition of furniture made from this beautiful old wood. The exhibition is entitled Third life of wood – hommage to wooden houses of Posavina region and it will be held in ULUPUH gallery in Zagreb. Which reminds me that meanwhile, I also did a big dining table out of reclaimed oak wood – with a very modern feel. Photos coming soon.

Some new lights

25 Nov

Reclaimed olive and oak wood. Buy theme in Happy Hobby store  now!