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14 Jun


Together with my old friend, graphic designer Sanjin Kunić, I’m working on a design of a small exhibition aboard a 19th century merchant sailing ship, of a type called Loger. The vessel is currently undergoing restoration, and is the only known survivor of the once common kind of ships, typical of northern Adriatic. The interior of the hull is particularly beautiful: many layers of repairs, different paints and aged wood speak of ship’s long and eventful life. It is this material eloquence that we intend to preserve, and show through panelling made of cleft wood, as a reminiscence of firewood that the ship use to export to Venice and its Murano glass-blowers. As the history of this particular ship is largely unknown, the exhibition will play with the notion of intangible contents of sailors’ lives – their dreams, sorrows, aspirations and everything else belonging to vast depository of imaginary history.