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2 Feb

Pinta is a project I did in collaboration with my friend Ola Andersson. We’re exhibiting it at Stockholm Furniture Fair from 3-7 February 2015, as a part of Survival: The Craft of Adaption project.

Pinta is a playboat for kids of preschool and early school age. It offers various play possibilities on the inside, while being rich in imaginative powers on the outside.
Pleasant tactile experience of cork and textured wood, combined with gentle rocking movement, create a cosy womb-like enclosure. Its image is a visual reference of all the grand adventures: from pirates to early explorers like Columbus and Magellan. Pinta recalls boat on an open sea, boat as a shelter and boat as a product of woodcraft traditions.

Our friends Martin Horgan, Juan Cappa, Petter Olsson and Adrian Coen helped with the build.

Photographs by Steven Polak.

pinta_1 pinta_2 pinta_3


Writing desk for three girls

24 Aug

I was asked to make a writing desk for three girls who are starting school this autumn. The magic appeal of mid-century modern was in this case just too hard to resist: desk is a sequel of a long line of simple and beautiful writing desks, inspired primarily by 1952 Helmut Magg’s desk, but also recent pieces like Phloem Studio’s beautiful Laura desk. So here’s a preview of two desks I just finished, one in walnut with green formica top, and another one in white ash with ivory-coloured top; the third one will be in walnut with black top. I wanted to create a desk that would fit the world of a seven year old girls, while not being too childish, rather a heirloom piece that can follow a person through life. And yes, I wanted it to be subtly feminine, hence the gentle curvy lines and soft contrasts. More photos soon.

miza vita_cdl

sofis desk3sofis desk

Food Cabinet in Cleft Ash

20 Apr

A project in collaboration with Röhsska Design Museum in Göteborg: an interpretation of Ferdinand Boberg cabinet from 1900. Intended use is food storage, hence the pull-out chopping board and ventilated doors with wire mesh. Made in ash wood, with generous help from Martin Horgan, Juan Cappa and Adrian Coen. Forged iron hooks by Jokum Lind Jensen.


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CDL for the KIDS

4 Feb

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Two little birds playhouse

22 Nov

A scale model and  full-size mock-up of a playhouse I’m making for Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2014. It’s made from birch plywood and water hyacinth rope, and is a part of a project of making furniture from rope of unwanted materials – waste or weeds. Water hyacinth is an aquatic weed causing various environmental problems throughout the world; an organization called Zingira in Kenya is making efforts in turning it into useful material.





Steneby – School of Design and Craft

4 Sep

As of three days ago, I’m continuing my education at MFA program Wood Orientated Furniture Design at School of Design and Craft at Steneby in Sweden.


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Stiropor at Cubodelubo

28 Jun

Basically, it’s jewellery. But really it is much more. It’s made by my friend Ana.


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