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Around the Fire, Around the Water: An Imaginary Heritage

4 Sep

On September 16th 2015 I am opening an exhibition with ceramic artist and a dear friend of mine Mladen Ivančić, in gallery of Croatian Association of Applied Artists (ULUPUH) in Zagreb.


The exhibition deals with the modern understanding of Mediterranean traditions related to food and crafts, and plays with the notion of invented tradition that is largely present within the concept of the Mediterranean diet today. Through dialogue between the two materials and techniques we created a narrative that combines factual, authentic tradition with the fictional tradition: an imaginary narrative of what tradition actually is and how fragile is its authenticity. We wanted to show an imaginary future scenario deriving from the Croatian crafts tradition in broadest sense – from the table culture, to agriculture, hunting, fishing, and games.game_179table_2

While each of us was working with his favourite raw material, at some point we have come to a conclusion that wood and ceramics have become inseparably connected through history. The antique wooden ships transported their cargo in clay jars, wooden tables in inns were set with ceramic plates and jugs, a medieval fortress were largely constructed of wood. And without fire the items presented in the exhibition could not been either developed or used. That is why the building blocks of this exhibition are wood, ceramics and fire. Some exhibited objects invoke the tradition of preparing food outdoors. Perhaps this is one of the last relict of customs that today belongs primarily to the memory.


Photographs by Martin Gustavsson and Jadranka Hajduković.

Aiša, Anton and Brina at Steneby Exhibit

16 Feb

Some photos from the opening of Steneby Exhibit last week.   20150210_135342 exh_06_small exh_07_small

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21 Apr




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Milan Furniture Fair 2014

21 Apr

We exhibited UN-DESIRABLES project at 2014 Milan Furniture Fair, from 7th till 13th of April. We were a part of SWEDISH PRESENCE exhibition in Brera district.

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Food Cabinet in Cleft Ash

20 Apr

A project in collaboration with Röhsska Design Museum in Göteborg: an interpretation of Ferdinand Boberg cabinet from 1900. Intended use is food storage, hence the pull-out chopping board and ventilated doors with wire mesh. Made in ash wood, with generous help from Martin Horgan, Juan Cappa and Adrian Coen. Forged iron hooks by Jokum Lind Jensen.


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Stockholm Furniture Fair Preparation

30 Jan

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SOLID ACTS – Design from Croatia

9 Apr

Superstudio Più – Temporary Museum for New Design 2013 (Milano, Zona Tortona), April 9 – April 14, 2013 SOLID ACTS – Design from Croatia Superstudio Più – Temporary Museum for New Design 2013 (Zona Tortona), April 9 - April14, 2013

Last minute preparations

19 Mar

I’m exhibiting Zoozle and Wine Cabinet at Milan Design Week next month, so I took a chance and reworked the door and shelves for wine cabinet. Siniša Gulić made some beautiful photographs, as usual.


Third life of wood: photos from the opening

2 Aug

Here are few photographs from the recently closed Zagreb exhibition. Same objects will be shown in Kastav from September 18. till the end of month.

Photos by Maša Štrbac.

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Third life of wood

29 Jun

Here’s a preview of pieces I’m making for the July exhibition in Zagreb. Pieces are done in reclaimed oak wood and beautiful photographs are done by the photographer Siniša Gulić. It’s an interesting story, as well. When doing research for the exhibition, we discovered a whole black market of reclaimed oak wood – people who are demolishing traditional wooden houses of continental Croatia and selling the wood to furniture producers in Europe, thus destroying rural landscape and an important part of Croatian cultural heritage. So along the way, my friend Nikica Klobučar made a radio documentary about this, which will also be a part of the exhibition. ImageImageImageImageImageImage